Conference Notes

IBM Connect 2015 in Netherlands – My Talk on IBM Verse


On Tuesday June 9 I will be in Utrecht, attending and speaking at the IBM Connect 2015 event in the Netherlands. By my count there are only a couple of sessions in English, with the rest being delivered in Dutch. Nonetheless, one of the English language talks will be mine. Here’s the details:

Embracing IBM Verse: Moving Beyond the Technology to Gaining Value
With IBM’s development activities around IBM Verse, organizations who like to be on the edge will be looking for ways to bring the promise of IBM Verse to their people. In order to avoid the perils of approaching IBM Verse the wrong way, a strong focus on effective use and transforming work practices will be essential. In this talk, Collaboration Strategist Michael Sampson examines how to apply User Adoption approaches to the implementation of IBM Verse, thus moving the discussion beyond technology to gaining value.

It’s in the Social Track, from 1.00pm to 1.30pm.