Conference Notes

Re-Imagining Effective Work

I presented the opening keynote last week in Sydney at the Intranets 2015 conference. My talk was on Re-Imagining Effective Work (slides above).

The presentation advocates the need for thinking beyond the immediate impacts of new technology on work practices, to the deeper and more long running impacts on organizational structure, culture, and even business model.

– slides 1-3: title, about me, agenda.
– slide 4: major section – the re-imagining trend
– slide 5: at any point there’s an established way of doing things (work, organizations, industries). There are also many challengers to the current state.
– slides 6-19: a quick review of challengers to the established order – short distance transportation, short duration accommodation, package delivery, banking, conferences, and even shoes.
– slide 20: major section – re-imagining in the field of intranets, internal communications, collaboration, and social
– slides 21-24: we have witnessed a range of incredible technologies over the past 10-15 years
– slides 25-29: however, just focusing on the impact of these on work practices is not enough, and while can lead to significant change, more often just leads to irritating change.
– slides 30-33: technology can change more than just work practice; also organizational structure, culture, and business model. There is recursive interdependence between the elements.
– slides 34-37: an example of how technology can change across the elements.
– slides 38-45: four examples of re-imagining in organizations today.
– slide 46: major section – strategies for re-imagining
– slides 47-49: three roadblocks to re-imagining
– slide 50: challenge from Steve Jobs
– slides 51-58: eight strategies for re-imagining
– slide 59: summary slide
– slides 60-61: technology as Lego, per Geoff Colvin.
– slide 62: call to action: Do Cool Stuff.
– slide 63: discussion and contact details.

I welcome your thoughts and feedback on the above. How are you going about re-imagining effective work in your world?