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Stress-Free Business Travel (well, reduced stress anyway)


Neoman Studios and CT Business Travel published an infographic on 24 life hacks for stress-free business travel.

Recent research conducted by CT Business Travel in collaboration with Neomam Studios has highlighted there are 33 triggers that cause stress for business travellers, the biggest triggers in particular are: lost or delayed baggage, delays, travelling economy for medium or long haul flights and poor or no internet connection.

I doubt business travel can ever be stress-free per se, but there are definitely some valid strategies in the infographic for reducing the stress.

One of the strategies was about using the Find My Car app for locating where you parked your car at an airport or other location. I’ve often wished for car parking lots with painted numbers on each car park, but the app is equally compelling. I suggested to a colleague who loses her car at airports that she could use such an app, and that lead to a bit of a discussion that resulted in an ah-ha moment: what about putting a Tile in your car instead.

I encourage you to check out the infographic.

What’s your favourite strategy out of the 24? Or which one do you purposefully break the most, because that works better for you?

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