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Getting the Next Version of Doing Business with IBM Connections Ready for Upcoming European Workshops

In a couple of weeks I will be in Europe for a round of workshops. Currently I have two User Adoption workshops to present, and one definite and one tentative workshop on Doing Business with IBM Connections. My schedule is here.

With the recent release of version 5.0 of IBM Connections, the workbook for the Doing Business with IBM Connections workshop has had to be totally updated to reflect the new user interface and various subtle changes. My desk has thus been filled with many devices to get this done properly; three computers, a couple of iPads, an Android tablet (not shown), coffee, and an iPhone. It is painstaking work to recreate each of the scenarios, and to get the screenshots just right (the monitor to the left is vertical in order to get the full screenshot, which I then modify slightly if required, for example to shrink large text boxes to size).

I am almost done – there are four scenarios still to do, which will probably take two more days – so adding it all up getting the workshop updated to Connections 5.0 has required at least five days of preparation. If you haven’t done a screenshots session for a book or workshop before, take it from me – it takes a lot longer than you think it would!

Nonetheless, I look forward to presenting the workshop in conjunction with Epacta on Tuesday October 7, and hope to report back about the second presentation of the workshop on Thursday October 16.

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