Adoption & Effective Use

Angela on Adoption: Strategies for Building a Collaborative Culture


Earlier in the year Angela presented a talk on adoption strategies for new collaboration tools. The slides and video are available on the UC Insight site.

You’ve been given the job of making things happen in your collaboration initiative – driving adoption and putting in place the practical strategies to ensure that the initiative is a success. So what next? Where should you be investing your time to maximise your chances of success in the shortest time possible? In this presentation, I will share some best practice tips to help you shape and focus your adoption strategy – both from a practical, business change-oriented viewpoint, and also from a technology deployment-focused viewpoint – with real world examples drawn from case study research I’ve carried out in this area.

Watch the video: Down to Business: Adoption Strategies for Building a Collaborative Culture (you can watch the first few minutes without registering, but to watch the whole video you will need to register).