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Updates from Microsoft (OneNote on Mac and iOS, Office on iPad), and Surface Pro 3 Reviews

Microsoft has delivered a variety of good things during the past week, and has received a couple of good reviews of the Surface Pro 3. If you are using OneNote on your Mac, or any of the Office products on your iPad, see:

– For OneNote on Mac, Microsoft released notebook access from OneDrive for Business, file insertion (PDF!), and enhanced access to password-protected note sections (see AppleInsider). These capabilities are also available in OneNote for iOS. The OneNote team also published a blog post about the changes (with various commenters diving in and requesting even more).

– For Office on the iPad, there is a new version (1.1) with a set of updates across Word, Excel, and PowerPoint (and OneNote as above) – see RedmondPie. Key updates include sending Word documents as PDF, access to third-party fonts, better touch support in Excel, and rich media integration inside PowerPoint.

In terms of the Surface Pro 3, I have seen two very good reviews:

Add one and a half things and it will be perfect – the one thing is integrated 4G / LTE wireless, and the half is an internal slot for the Surface Pen.

The 30 day return period and ended and I’m keeping my Surface, writes Matthew at ZDNet. “I use it daily and have absolutely no regrets regarding the purchase. The Best Buy dark blue keyboard looks fantastic and I am still amazed by the power of this computer in a form factor similar to an iPad.

If you are interested in a deep dive on the screen, see DisplayMate and the Microsoft Surface blog.

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