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Microsoft Announces Surface Pro 3 – iWant

Microsoft announced the specifications and availability dates for its upcoming Surface Pro 3. The big idea was to create a tablet (with add-on keyboard) that could replace a laptop.

Our customers know that every Surface we’ve shipped was built to do more than other tablets, and how they use Surface validates that a tablet can be a great tool for productivity. Yet many people aren’t ready to give up their laptops for tablets, and most people still carry both. When walking into a store, they feel they have to decide between a tablet for portability and entertainment or a laptop to really get things done. For the most part, tablets have been designed to be great for watching movies, reading books, playing games, browsing the web, and amazing for digital “snacking” with apps. Most laptops are designed to help you type term papers, write letters, work on big applications, work on spreadsheets, browse the web, create content, make movies … you name it. In designing Surface, we wanted to design a device that can marry the power of the full PC without compromising the sleek finish, elegant look and feel, light weight, thinness, and great battery life that we expect from a tablet.

Specifications include:
– Various processor options, including an Intel Core i7.
– Storage has increased, with the maximum now 512GB.
– Up to 8 GB of RAM.
– A larger screen (12″), with higher resolution (2160×1440).
– The kickstand includes multiple stop positions, giving the user the freedom to choose the best angle for their current task.
– 800g in weight.
– 9 hours of battery life.

Availability is June 20 across the US and Canada, and in 26 other markets by the end of August.

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