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Secrets of Success 101 – by Nicholas Bate

Nicholas has published another one of his thought provoking 101 blog posts, this time on the secrets of success. There’s always a lot in each to prod toward action, cause thinking, agree with, disagree with, and ruminate on during the small hours of the night. Here’s the first five:

1. Keep a paper notebook and stuff it to overflowing with your own ideas, inspiration culled from books and blogs and movies. And amazing plans and dreams. (Re-)read a page or two of it to kick start every day.

2. Don’t expect everyone to love you as you gain success. They won’t.

3. Get places on time every time. Rain, sleet or snow. Or Northern Line down. It isn’t about punctuality, it’s about self-discipline. With those two rare-mentioned hyphenated dirty words a world can (and has in the past) be conquered.

4. Seek love. Without an ‘if’. That’ll energise you to escape velocity.

5.Seek true friends. Who don’t do melodrama.

Now you have only 96 to go. What will you do differently as a result of reading this list …

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