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Where Did February Disappear?

Friday next week is the last day of February. Where have those weeks gone? Here’s what I have been up to:
– a couple of days consulting with a client in Virginia, focused on governance and adoption for its SharePoint 2013-based collaboration platform. The client is about to enter a pilot phase for new ways of working using two different types of sites in SharePoint. We talked through the ramifications, the governance decisions, and the adoption plan. It was a useful couple of days.
– a day in California on my way back to New Zealand, hanging out with Eric Mack. He took me to see the space shuttle, and after seeing the Shuttle, we spent most of the afternoon discussing business.
– a day getting back to New Zealand, and then a couple of days getting back to the New Zealand time zone.
– tidying up after my trip to the United States for IBM Connect and the post-conference consulting.
– calls with various people about projects for 2014, including a workshop tour of Europe in May, a conference keynote and workshop in Australia, and some partnering opportunities around business engagement and adoption strategies.
– thinking about my research and writing agenda for 2014. I had a plan from 2013 that I was working to, but have decided to delay on that plan, and re-focus on a couple of other topics in the short to medium term instead.
– reviewing a vendor proposal for a “SharePoint project” for a client, and highlighting various concerns with the design and approach laid out.
– waiting for the final green light on a piece of work focused on introducing IBM Connections and other IBM tools into an organization.

So that’s where my February has gone to (so far).

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