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Updating michaelsampson.net

When I started blogging in August 2003 TypePad was my blogging platform of choice. For the past decade I have used TypePad for hosting my business web sites, a couple of collaborative sites, and a few family blogs. TypePad has served me well over the decade, but it is time to move on. I have watched with interest as my family and friends have migrated across to or started off with WordPress, and that’s where I have gone.

Just like Rome, migrating my web site and years of blog posts is not a one-day event. It took a couple of very concentrated days of work to get most of my web site re-created in WordPress. It is at a good enough level to turn on, but there is definitely more work to be done. I have exported all of my blog posts from TypePad, and am now waiting for their import into WordPress. Apparently there is a problem with the WordPress/TypePad importer, and a WordPress engineer is working on a fix for me. Once that happens then the complete blog history from michaelsampson.net will be live here on the new site.

For now, I’m very pleased with:

  • The updated and more modern look on the front page of the site, including drop-down menus.
  • The opportunity to re-unite my www (corporate web presence) and currents (blog) sites under a new single site. I could have done this under TypePad too, but shifting to WordPress gives me a good push to get it done this time.
  • The ability in WordPress to have a slideshow of targeted / recent posts on the front page.

In closing, the site remains a work-in-progress. There is still more to do, and I’ll tackle some of the more pressing issues over the coming weeks. But for me this is a big leap forward. And I hope you can experience some of the benefits too.

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