Thanks to Various Australian Businesses (and Air New Zealand)

I’m just over half way through my tour of Australia. Three workshops delivered, one still to go (tomorrow in Melbourne). It’s been a great week, and I wanted to call out some of the businesses and people here that have made it all possible:

Air New Zealand for getting me here on Sunday morning.
Rendezvous Hotel at Anzac Square in Brisbane, for providing a great place to stay on Sunday and Sunday evening, and for allowing me to check-in super early at 9.30am on Sunday. That was very much appreciated.
Hilton Sydney for hosting the two public masterclasses in Sydney, providing me with a great place to host my guests. I’ve used the Hilton numerous times for my public masterclasses in Sydney, and have never been disappointed. It’s a great place – highly recommended.
– Malcolm and Beverly at Kwik Kopy Pitt Street for getting my workbooks printed for the three masterclasses, and having them waiting for me at my hotel when I arrived in from Brisbane on Tuesday night.
Virgin Australia for flights from Brisbane to Sydney, and Sydney to Melbourne. And to Virgin and Air New Zealand – tremendous kudos for the alliance program sharing. It’s much appreciated.
– Tomorrow I’ll be hosting a masterclass at the Westin Melbourne for the first time. I’ve previously used other locations in Melbourne; am hoping for a great event.

So … thanks to you each for your help this week. It’s been … appreciated by this traveler. If you are looking for help in any of the above areas, you have my recommendation of each of the businesses above.

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