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User Adoption Strategies Masterclass in Melbourne (August 29, 2013)

The User Adoption Strategies Masterclass is coming to Melbourne on August 29. Tickets are available immediately.

Here’s the details:

The User Adoption Strategies masterclass provides a forum for learning and engagement about encouraging user adoption for new collaboration tools. Over the course of one day, you learn the theory and context of user adoption, a framework for user adoption, and a set of strategies for encouraging user adoption. The masterclass is designed to provide many opportunities to discuss, debate and localize what you are hearing with the other delegates.

The masterclass is based on Michael Sampson’s book, User Adoption Strategies 2nd Ed. (2012). All attendees will receive a copy of this book.

The masterclass is being held at The Westin Melbourne, a very accessible location in central Melbourne.

For pricing and to register, see User Adoption Strategies Masterclass (on Eventbrite).

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