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A Week Until the Collaboration Roadmap Masterclass in London

In just over a week I’ll be in London to present the Collaboration Roadmap Masterclass. It is a day of discussing ideas, examining models, and making plans for doing great work in the collaboration arena. As I have been working through the slide decks to update them in advance of the masterclass, it’s been easy to get excited about what’s coming up, and hard to have the patience to wait for it. But it’s almost here.

Today I have printed the name badges, tent cards, and capability development forms for the attendees who are currently signed up, and ordered the workbooks too. I’ll be picking those up in Christchurch tomorrow, and bringing them across to London when I depart at the end of the week.

There is a “main thing” I like the most about the masterclass, and it’s this: making collaboration work requires so much more than focusing on the technology, and the masterclass creates a space and time for talking through those other things (the workbook is 118 pages, many with four slides a page—there is a heap of material, plus the book too). In other words, rather than just saying there are other things to do, and then immediately jumping back into the technology discussion, it creates the opportunity to talk them through. It is very gratifying when attendees recognize the validity of some of the things they have already been doing (but didn’t realize that was what it was), and also when they learn new ideas they can put into practice when getting back to their organisations.

So … next Tuesday in London … the Collaboration Roadmap masterclass is happening. If you still want to attend, please register ASAP—time is running out.