Adoption & Effective Use

User Adoption Strategies Workshop in Gouda with Silverside (June 26, 2013)

In conjunction with Silverside in Netherlands, I will be presenting a one-day User Adoption Strategies Workshop in Gouda on June 26. The details are now live, and registration is open. I’m looking forward to being back in the Netherlands for this workshop.

As Roland mentions in the description below, this workshop is not aligned with any specific collaboration technology. If you are using Microsoft SharePoint, be there. IBM Connections, ditto. Jive, same. Etc. We will be talking about principles you can apply regardless of the tooling you are using.

Thanks to Roland and Femke for making this workshop a possibility while I’m in Europe.

For registration details (seats are limited, and there’s early bird pricing available until May 6), please visit Silverside’s web site.