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Heading to the UK and Europe in Late June 2013

I will be in Europe in late June 2013. At this time I’ll be on the ground for a week (June 24-28), but can extend the trip to two weeks if necessary (by adding either the week of June 17-21 or July 1-5 to my trip).

I currently have the following commitments:
– Wednesday June 26, a User Adoption Strategies Workshop with Silverside in the Netherlands.
– Thursday June 27, the Doing Business with IBM Connections Workshop at Social Connections V in Zurich.
– Friday June 28, the closing keynote at Social Connections V in Zurich.

I have two days available for consulting or workshops:
– Monday June 24.
– Tuesday June 25.

I can be anywhere in the UK or Europe on these days, as long as I can catch any connecting flights on Tuesday evening so as to get to Amsterdam on Tuesday night – in advance of the workshop with Silverside on Wednesday.

In terms of workshops, there are at least four options:
SharePoint Roadmap Workshop
Collaboration Roadmap Workshop
User Adoption Strategies Workshop
Doing Business with IBM Connections Workshop.

For consulting, if it is about culture, governance, or adoption of collaboration approaches and tools, I’m ready to help.

To discuss your specific opportunities and how I can help while I’m in Europe in June, please get in contact ASAP.

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