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Notes on "UserBlast 2013" at AusLUG 2013 – with Mat Newman from ISW

In the final session of the first day at AusLUG 2013, Mat Newman is capping off a day of learning and explorations with his UserBlast. Some notes:

1. Mat is going to present 40 tips in 40 minutes. All of Mat’s tips are in a Lotus Notes Journal entry.

2. Notes is not an email program. It’s a database, it’s secure, and is accesible from anywhere.

3. Some of the 40 tips:
– educate users about the key features of the Notes client. Eg., search bar, toolbar.
– you can create bookmarks to open up anything; can then use the Create or Startup folders.
– … eg., add the Phone Message form to this for secretaries.
– turn on or off the masthead shortcuts.
– there are admin controls for turning off the ability to change toolbars. This is only for Notes 9.
– use the notebook for keeping track of important information for your users.
– use managed replicas. A number of new benefits for speed increases.
– search bar has moved up the masthead. Search has changed how it works in Notes 9.
– turn on full-text searching for all managed replicas. Set it as a policy.
– autosave – it’s in the Basic Client Configuration. Turn it on.
– retain view column settings.
– can apply Fonts via policy.
– review Collaboration History with people.
– add recipients to a new group – when in an email message.

4. Good scheduling of Mat at the end of the day. He’s full of super-abundant-over-the-top energy.

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