Conference Notes

Notes on "Developing IBM Notes Help Desk Gurus" at AusLUG 2013 – with Karen Hooper

In the first session after lunch, Karen Hooper from Dr Notes, is presenting on developing IBM Notes Help Desk Gurus. Karen is the author of IBM Lotus Notes 8.5 User Guide. Some notes:

1. This session is an experiment. We don’t ever have help desk sessions at Lotus User Groups or Lotusphere.

2. We need to think of help desks as the the first line of defence. We should see them as a pit stop team. Karen showed a couple of videos on pit stops – the fastest one by Maclaren, and the slowest one by Red Bull.
– … two main factors for success with F1 motor racing – (a) no-blame culture, and (b) real gains come at the boundaries. Eg., in Nigel Hansen’s loss, the wheel-falling-off result led to a major change in process to ensure it doesn’t happen again.
– … In IT we see many disparate teams who blame each other when something goes wrong.

3. Some principles or strategies:
– … the help desk staff member needs to be trained more than a power user.
– … regardless of the product, everyone benefits from training.
– … start working with the help desk – (a) provide some training, (b) have team meetings where people share a tip for users, (c) ask your team to give tips to end users when they are doing support calls, (d) integrate your training team with the help desk, and more.

4. Some helpful resources:
– … Domino Wiki – learning resources.
– … Install on Lotus Notes – how to install the Notes client, and what the various files do. Eg., notes.ini,, bookmark.nsf, etc.
– … Why you have to keep the first four lines of the notes.ini.
– … How to set up a workstation for multiple users.
– … ID Vault – you should be using this.
– … Roaming – simplifies the task of managing users PC’s.