Not Heading to UK or Europe in March

Over the past four years, I have spent at least a week in March in the UK or Europe, sometimes two weeks. This year breaks the run … and it’s weird not to be heading up to Auckland, then on to Hong Kong, and then up to London at this time of the year. Although the trip can be physically gruelling due to jet lag, there’s something special about making it.

I do have an upcoming trip to the UK and Europe in late June … which will be announced shortly. Three days of the trip are confirmed, and there will be some open days for other workshops or consulting.

Anyway … if you happen to be in London or elsewhere in Europe at the moment, enjoy.

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  1. Yes, I’m staying home in March as well. Still — it’s making for a great opportunity to get my next book written, which is where you’re also no doubt devoting your energy 😉

  2. Good to hear you are working on a new book James – very exciting.
    Yes, I’m working on my next one too, and lots of client work, and getting ready to spend a week in Brisbane next week. So … no shortage of things to do. But I’ll still miss going to the UK / Europe this month.