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AusLUG 2013 – My Session and the Workshop

In just over four weeks I’m heading across to Brisbane for AusLUG 2013, the annual conference in Australia for people working with IBM collaboration tools, such as Connections, Notes/Domino, and more. I’m looking forward to attending, speaking, and hearing what the other speakers have to say.

Here’s what I’ll be contributing – I’m guessing on Monday March 11 (the two-day conference is a free-to-attend event):

Featured Session: From Words to Action: You’ve Heard the Buzzwords, Now It’s Time to Get Started on Your Social Journey – A Roadmap, with Michael Sampson

There’s no shortage of social buzzwords to bandy around at meetings, but the crucial leadership task is to envision a new reality for your organisation. How can you move from the words of social business to getting started on your journey with making new social business approaches to working accepted, embraced, and championed at your organisation? You need a roadmap to action – and in this session Michael will give you one that starts with an understanding of social technology, moves to outlining the vision of where to apply new social business tools, and then how to think about the things that make a real difference – such as strategies for governance, engagement, and user adoption.

And on Wednesday March 13, I’m running a post-conference workshop (which is a for-fee event):

Doing Business with IBM Connections – A Workshop for Business Managers, Business Analysts, and IT Professionals Looking to Make the Most of Connections at their Organization, with Michael Sampson

The Doing Business with IBM Connections workshop provides a forum for quickly exploring real-world applicability of IBM Connections in organisations today. The workshop presents ten core collaboration scenarios that business people do on a day-to-day basis, and examines how to bring each of these to life in IBM Connections 4. The scenarios include co-authoring documents, managing meetings, running projects, and making decisions. Each of the ten collaboration scenarios are explored, with live demonstrations to bring each of the scenarios to life. Attendees do more than just hear the ideas; they also get to see each of the scenarios being worked out before their eyes.

Are you coming?

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