Conference Notes

Notes on SPOT107 Governance, Compliance, and eDiscovery for IBM Connections

A couple of people from Actiance are presenting on governance, compliance, and eDiscovery for IBM Connections. Due to a couple of other meetings, I arrived late … but here’s some notes:

1. A social platform like IBM Connections does not fall outside of governance and compliance mandates. By using something like Actiance to do real-time monitoring of content against regulations, people can be social … and safe.

2. Demo of Actiance Vantage in IBM Connections:
– Created a status update, uploaded a new version of a document, and writing a new blog.
– Use of controlled words – eg., “guarantee” – generates alerts.
– In instant messages, can auto-insert a warning / disclaimer about monitoring.
– Can block instant messages from being sent based on policy, eg., words. Or you can challenge a word / phrase.

3. Demo of using Actiance Socialite:
– Socialite creates an aggregated place for all of your social media channels.
– Socialite suggests some content that you might like to post.
– When posting new content that’s about to be shared, the system interrogates it to check whether it will meet the rules.

4. There’s a control panel for the Compliance Officer, for reviewing violations of policy.
– Can see what has been going on.
– Shows what has been deleted.
– Updates / changes / deletes are stored in the Vantage compliance environment.
– There is also an add-in for Connections, for viewing what’s going on. Can look at what abusive words / project code words are being used, or at risk communities, or incident categories, etc.