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Notes on CUST114 The Salvation Army – US Western

Eric Petersen, Messaging and Workflow Specialist at The Salvation Army, is presenting one of the last case studies of the day. Some notes:

1. The Salvation Army is an international organization. In 126 countries, with 55 headquarters in different countries. The US Western territory is the 13 western states. HQ in Long Beach CA. Has 5500 users, in 700 locations. Eric has been with the Army for 20 years.

2. PeopleCount – a campaign to collect key statistics from the entire Western territory. Tracks church attendance and growth, people assisted and referred. Tracked on a weekly basis.
– works via a notification email to request information. Data is entered onto a website. Pulled into Domino. Assembled, and posted to a Domino server; then alerts are sent out.
– also captures human stories. Brings the stories to life. And helps other people feel a part of the wider mission. Capturing and sharing these stories has greatly increased the willingness of people to fill out the statistics.

3. Mobile Access for Employees:
– Had some corporate systems – Good, and BlackBerry. Only 2-3 options for devices. Limited number of approved users, and a difficult approval cycle.
– 2009, introduced Notes Traveler, on pilot / trial. Installed on an existing server, and started to get some traction. From 2010, got into the Android beta. Were still just a BlackBerry shop – officially. But lots of people wanted Traveler.
– Traveler was only just recently recognizied as an officially supported product (the announcement is yet still to go out). Have up to 2000 users. Moved the Traveler Server to high availability.
– Have a signing device agreement for using a personal device.

4. Virtual desktops:
– The demand for mobile on Traveler showed how many mobile users were out there.
– Started developing some mobile apps, eg., People Count.
– IT wanted virtual desktops, so they could get the same Windows experience via a browser. Using a combination of panagenda and Notes roaming.
– Tried a few options – VMWare, Unidesk, and the Notes client published over Citrix.
– Ultimately, people just wanted access to a Notes client. The various options weren’t great.
– So … the IBM Notes Browser Plug-in is probably going to work great.

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