Conference Notes

Notes on SW303 LeasePlan and Pensco Trust

In one of the sessions before lunch on Tuesday, Wim de Gier (LeasePlan), Teca Fields (Pensco Trust), and Kramer Reeves (IBM) are talking about fostering a collaborative culture for social business success. Some notes:

1. Kramer opened with some comments about the wider trends:
– The consumerization of change – making it easy for regular business people to easily and safely make changes to their business operations.
– … The challenge – is the culture. Resistance to change. Resistance to being measured. Siloed organizations.
– … Culture must be cultivated from within … embraced by leaders, broadly adopted by people, develop skills within organizations, and empower your existing process champions.

2. Kramer showed this video on Lincoln Trust:

3. Teca Fields, BPM Program/Product Manager, PENSCO Trust:
– Has been with Pensco for 7 years. Was on the business side for 5 years, then technology for 2 years. Pensco acquired Lincoln Trust (see video above).
– Lincoln Trust used BPM as a core part of business. Pensco liked that.
– Pensco been in business for 22 years. The firm specializes in alternative assets.
– Past culture – VPs at each others throats. “IT costs too much as it always late” vs. “The business is never clear about what they want.” Very negative working relationship between business and IT – paper overload, limited process visibility (teams using tick marks to track work), multiple calls to solve an issue (representatives would have call around to track status; no visibility), daily system failure of IT, IT solutions built for one team couldn’t be scaled to other teams, etc.
– Had to build a partnership between the business and IT. Some failed attempts (during 2001-2006; no true collaboration between the business and IT groups). From 2007, developed a new approach / strategy for working together. Using BPM for the first time, which reduced development time by 70%. In 2008, went for quick wins. Started using IBM BPM. Once the fundamental were dealt with, from 2009 to 2012 there was more alignment between the business groups and IT (the latter rebranded as Business Technology).
– (Michael’s comments) This talk was supposed to be focused on fostering a collaborative culture. What appeared to be the pathway was: (1) there was no partnership between IT and business. IT did what it thought was important. (2) new BPM technology provided a new technology foundation to allow IT to earn trust with the business groups, and this started to thaw relationships with the business groups. (3) giving business groups the right tools to do their work changed the dynamics in the relationship between business and IT. Also – (4) doing better work was the basis for the changing cultural dynamics, rather than “trying to be better friends.”

4. Vim de Gier, Senior Global Project Manager, Corporate Strategy & Development, LeasePlan Corporation
– Linking people together across LeasePlan across the world.
– LeasePlan is based in 30 countries, manages over 1.4 million cars. Over 6000 employees.
– Want to create a corporate brain. People are working with Connections. The corporate brain is getting bigger and better.
– Before Connections – very hard to find the right person.
– Drivers – enhanced knowledge sharing, better communication, product development, innovation, and human resources.
– Started a pilot, with a small group across different departments. A lot of other people wanted to join in. Helped people understand how to do daily activities in Connections.
– Survey post pilot – 91% said “keep going.”
– Stopped the project, and looked at the bigger picture. Spent time on the wider strategy.
– Created a global project – BUT some big challenges. (1) dealing with other languages. (2) handling skepticism – making it about doing work. (3) culture change – in Eastern European firms, 25 years ago speaking freely could lead to arrest. Being open in Connections is a big change. (4) transparency.
– Enabling business processes – re-thinking how to do common processes, using social tools. Eg., new product development, access to key expertise, running meetings.
– Ran a big promotion campaign, over a 6-12 week schedule. One part was printing big posters, and sending them to all of the units. Key message – “You’re Invited.”
– Developed a video to explain what LinkedPeople was all about:

– developed a structure for best practice deployment, including legal policy, domain managers, and more. Not that policy cannot prevent stupid acts.
– 1:9:90 rule on the Internet. At LeasePlan – 4:16:80.
– Have about 1000 communities, and 38% are closed.
– The benefit of LinkedPeople – it helps our staff to do a better job.