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Welcome to 2013

Welcome to 2013 – I hope you have had a great start to the New Year, wherever you have been. And I wish you every success in the coming year.

With it being the middle of summer here in New Zealand, I have enjoyed a four week annual vacation with my family. Some of the highlights:

– Watching the four movies from Alex Kendrick and company, including Flywheel and Fireproof. These movies were excellent, and we enjoyed them immensely. My children particularly liked seeing how people from one movie became someone different in a subsequent movie.

– Going camping in our tents at Pigeon Bay for five days. Various members of the family really enjoyed themselves, and there were individual highlights for each of us. My older sons have been restoring a small boat with Katrina’s Dad for the past two years, and they got to sail in it for the first time. That was cool. For me, the highlight was being able to play tennis with some of my sons. If you want more details about tenting at the beach with ten children, Katrina has more and photos.

– Various projects around our house that have been neglected during 2012, such as cutting the high weeds down on the “mountain” in the front yard. It’s a large pile of dirt on which I built a fort some years ago, but the weeds / grass had gotten out of control. They have been cut back to size now.

– Reading a few books that my wife purchased from Monument Publishing. I started with Love Another Child, and then moved to Love in the House. There were some challenging ideas in both books, and lines of thinking that made me question myself. That’s always good during a vacation.

I made a deliberate attempt to stay away from the office as much as possible throughout my vacation, as I needed a rest, as did other members of my family. While I did tidy my office and move some desks around a little bit, I didn’t do any writing, and got through to the last half of the final week before I felt I needed to get back into the office in the early morning to prep for the year. So … it was a good break. Now into 2013. There’s a lot to do.

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