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BlackBerry 10 – New Capabilities, Coming in January 2013

In late September RIM showed off BlackBerry 10. It’s going to be available in late January 2013. Some of the coming changes:

– a full touch screen, much like the current iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S III. There’s a pop-up on-screen keyboard on the device that was shown, rather than the traditional BlackBerry physical keyboard.
– a range of new touch gestures, for using the BlackBerry and moving around within applications. There’s some new ideas called BlackBerry Flow and BlackBerry Peak.
– there’s a way of displaying all activities and updates that you have had with a given person over time. It integrates the various items automatically.
– support for predictive text in multiple languages in a single sentence, without having to formally change language. Eg., start typing in English, and it will show English predictive text. Change to Spanish and it will show Spanish predictive text.
– deep support for dual profiles – a work side, and a personal side. The split is fully integrated down to the OS level. This is going to be good for BYOD environments.

For more, see BlackBerry 10.

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