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Feedback on an In-house User Adoption Workshop

Last week I had the privilege of running a two-day in-house workshop for an organization in New Zealand on user adoption strategies for their new SharePoint-based intranet. The project manager who arranged the session sent in this feedback:

I have had great feedback from your workshop – and almost every participant is now also meeting with me Monday to develop the adoption strategy.

As much as anything, the side effect of the sessions is that a group of key project managers and influencers are now aware of, and supporting our project goals, and I think the light bulb really went on for some of them as to the scope and potential of these collaborative technologies.

That absolutely made my day.

If your organization could do with guidance on user adoption, please check out the User Adoption Strategies Workshop I offer for in-house project teams. I have presented / facilitated this in various countries around the world, to organizations large and small, and the feedback from each has been as it was above. Perhaps it’s time to schedule this workshop for your organization in early 2013.

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