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HP ElitePad 900

HP recently announced the ElitePad 900, a Windows 8 tablet aimed at business users.

With the ElitePad 900, you get all the perks of a sleek, portable tablet without sacrificing the features you need to conduct business effectively. On the road, forget about recharging worries thanks to the smart jacket that includes an additional battery. In the office, add a keyboard and use a docking station and you have a desktop PC—or get an additional screen for multitasking.

The ElitePad 900 gives you the confidence of a familiar PC experience with Windows 8 and x86 compatibility, driven by the latest Intel processors. Plus, the 10.1-inch diagonal, 16:10 display helps you spend less time scrolling and more time doing.

Interesting capabilities:
– there is a tablet pen available, for screen-based markup.
– the ElitePad has voice command capabilities.
– there’s a front facing camera for telepresence. Remember that HP offers such capabilities.
– the expansion jacket includes space for an extra battery.

It’s coming in January 2013.

More information:
– the product page at HP. There are sub-pages on features and specs, too.

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