Magor Visual Collaboration WorkSpace

Magor, a provider of video collaboration capabilities, announced a major win with the Richard Ivey School of Business.

With an emphasis on practical and relevant, real-world issues, the Richard Ivey School of Business regularly invites high-profile, international business leaders to take part in presentations to students via video beamed to classrooms, amphitheaters and overflow rooms on campus in London, Ont.

Magor’s flagship software product, Visual Collaboration Workspace, offered a reliable solution to fulfill the school’s demand for video activity by providing a greater array of capabilities beyond traditional video participation. The Magor technology also removed the need for complicated scheduling of facilities, making room-to-room video calls simple to arrange.

Magor’s Visual Collaboration Workspace software is also highly interoperable with other systems and runs on standard, off-the-shelf computers, providing significant cost-saving benefits to the Ivey Business School. Magor Visual Collaboration Workspace also removes the need to purchase additional bridging infrastructure or upgrade a multipoint control unit (MCU) to support high definition video.

“We saw how easy Magor’s solution is to use, and the video quality was great,” said Eveland. “Importantly, Magor doesn’t require a bridge or booking system, which were key factors that immediately attracted us to their solution.”

But beyond the quality that Magor delivers, it was customer support that also factored into the School’s decision, he said.

Great use case, plus the interoperability with existing systems is huge when dealing with external parties.

More: Magor

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