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ConceptDRAW Integration with Evernote; Multi-Device Sync and Access

ConceptDRAW announced an integration with Evernote, to allow for various levels of integration between mindmaps and the Evernote service:

"ConceptDraw MINDMAP can now, with the press of a button, save a single topic or a branch to Evernote for your future reference. The text from the entire map as well as the image of the map is a third option of how your map can be saved to Evernote. The fourth option saves the text of the map, an image of the map, and the map file itself. The fourth option gives you the ability to have a copy of your mind map on any device. Now ConceptDraw MINDMAP information can be referenced from most smart phones, tablets, and computers. Evernote supports iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Web OS, Mac OS X, Windows, Safari, Chrome, and Firefox – opening up the possibilities for referencing your mind map data. ConceptDraw MINDMAP supports Microsoft Windows and Macintosh OS X."

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