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Interactions 2012 – Intranets that Delight and Amaze – James Robertson

James Robertson from Step Two Designs is presenting the opening keynote at Interactions 2012 in London, on intranets that delight and amaze.

Key points:
– Intranets are changing. But what are we working towards? We need to aim for something more than meeting a minimum standard – eg., search works.
– Four principles of delight:
– (1) generate an emotional response – ideally positive ones. Intranets can't afford to be ugly. Hire a web designer to help you.
– (2) make things simpler – it's not easy trying to get work done. Few enterprise systems make work easier. We need to do things better. Eg., CRS Australia integrated outstanding tasks from SAP to the intranet. Lots of opportunities for mobile. Key principle – ruthlessly focus on eliminating complexity.
– (3) use technology in smart ways – current technology platforms are hugely powerful. But we're not using it in smart ways. Eg., using workflows and approvals to get away from dumb, manual processes. Look for 1000 smart, small things to do … not just huge, monolithic things.
– (4) put people at the centre – people are king, not the content.

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