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Notes on "Growing the Talent Pool for Better Performance" – Ray Delany from IITP

Ray Delany from the Institute of IT Professionals is speaking about growing the talent pool for better performance. Ray is also the CEO of Designertech, a systems integration firm in Auckland.

Key points:
– It’s hard to find good talent in the IT industry.
– Fewer people here and around the world are doing IT degrees.
– IT is a big export earner in New Zealand, and it could be a big future for us.
– Individual talent vs. collective talent. Need to find / build teams that are highly skilled, rather than groups made up of individuals with high personal talent.
– … for collective talent, see the YouTube movie, “Spartans: What is your profession?”
– there are some team skills we need to develop – (a) the technical skills, (b) professional skills, and (c) the organizational skills (how to work in a specific organization).
– … people get hired for their technical skills.
– 2×2 matrix of talent vs. performance. High talent and high performance – the rock stars. Low talent and low performance – the cowboys. Low talent and high performance – team players. Ray says, “it is better to hire a team player and train them to become rock stars, than to try to hire rock stars.”
– Competency and competence are different. Competency is also different to performance.
– If you think about the competencies required to complete a particular role, you can track those people that do and don’t have specific competencies. You’ll need to have an objective way of assessing whether an individual has a particular competency or not. Can then use a summary view to drive a training plan.

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