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Two Conferences – the Same Four Days – Ouch

If you’re looking for a good state-of-the-art conference on collaboration to attend in November, you may have to choose between two that happen to be on the same days: November 12-15.

The first is E2 Innovate in Santa Clarita, focused on the latest collaboration tools and services. The second is the SharePoint Conference 2012 in Las Vegas, focused on what’s coming next with the SharePoint juggernaut.

Your choice boils down to this: go to E2 Innovate to look at what might happen in the years to come, or attend the SharePoint Conference to learn what is happening now and what is coming next.

(That said, I’d still love to attend both. If only they were back-to-back …)

Which one are you attending?

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  1. I booked my ticket for the SharePoint Conference as soon as I could. Though, of course, I focus on SharePoint only and not on other tools

  2. Michael that’s a crowded schedule, If I could choose it would be Vegas. The boss may have other ideas 🙂