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Conversations About Social Media at Work and Home

Sherry says it is time to have three necessary conversations about social media at work and home:
1. That we can use social tools to hide from each other.
2. That we will become obsessed with efficiency that we’ll lose sight of the “why”
3. That privacy is being severely challenged, and there are downsides of that.

On conversation two, Sherry writes:

Second, social media increase the volume and velocity of connections to a point where communicating in anything but online postings seems almost impossible. We demand immediate answers and are willing to ask simple questions to get them. We come to measure success by e-mails answered, connections made, posts responded to. We become transactional and reactive. This is not good for productivity or creativity. We’ll want to talk about this.

Ouch. Indeed—these conversations are crucial.

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  1. I’ve been an active social media user, but never really understood what I was doing, or what was effective. Gaudet’s explanation of terms, and ideas helped me to better understand the engine behind tools like Twitter so that I could communicate with effectiveness.