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Making the Case for Work-at-Home Call Centre Agents: Part 2

When call centre agents work at home, there’s a collaboration challenge to address. See Part 2 of my earlier post over on The Smarter Office, which talks about three ways to address the challenge:

Earlier this week I wrote about making the case for work-at-home call centre agents, highlighting four factors that line up for the strategy, while signalling an outstanding collaboration problem still requiring mitigation. We are going to talk about that problem and what to do about it in this post.

The collaboration problem is how to keep people working together when they’re not together. Or more fully, how do we keep people who are not together physically working together with a common purpose, providing opportunities for sharing information, learning together, and essentially pulling in the same direction. The key principle is to establish a channel of communication between the various agents, and to ensure that there is frequent communication taking place. As the agents communicate frequently, opportunities for collaboration and taking a common view will naturally arise. How can this be done?

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