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Huddle Updated its iPhone App

Huddle released an update to its iPhone app, for working with colleagues and team members through the Huddle collaboration service. New features include:

* Support for offline commenting and document approvals (as well as tasks).

* Comments now automatically notify all of the contributors to a document: Creator, Editors, and anyone who’s already commented.

* Landscape document viewing – just turn your phone when looking at a document and it will go full screen.

* Sync activity bar – lets you know when Huddle is downloading documents to your device, or sending new tasks, comments or approvals.

* Separate section for files that are awaiting your approval. And now they are highlighted with an orange corner so they stand out.

* Faster file and folder browsing.

* Icons to show you which files are currently downloading, and downloaded – all these files are then available offline.

* Visual tweaks and improvements throughout.

These are good, solid, incremental improvements. Good job Huddle.

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