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Collaborating on the Go with Mobile Apps – Anything's Possible

On The Smarter Office blog, I just posted about collaborating on the go with mobile apps:

Being mobile doesn’t mean being out of touch. Twenty years ago when you left the office to travel for business you’d have to call back to listen to your voice mail, or contact your secretary to forward your faxes to the hotel fax machine. Chances are you don’t have much use for voice mail, faxes, or secretaries any more, even though the frequency of mobility has significantly increased. New tools have taken over the landscape for communication and collaboration, and many of these tools have a great mobility story to boot. The recent proliferation of tablets and smartphones have given people lightweight, instant-on, always-available devices to support collaborating on the go. Some people are going as far as leaving their laptops behind on short business trips, and just carrying their phone and and a tablet. Whether you are collaborating with team members on a project, or sharing updates with your wider organization about current happenings, there’s an app for that.

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  1. I agree that collaboration (and communication) tools on mobile devices is a game-changer.
    Pity that so many of the early tools are so clunky! Looking at some of the popular SharePoint-on-iPad apps, for example, they expose the full complexity of SharePoint but on a touch interface.
    Hopefully, when there’s some more experience with how and when these are used, there will be some much-needed simplification.
    There’s also a longer-term challenge relating to the number of apps that people might end up with. Add up one app from each category in your excellent post, and that could number 12 apps. All madly pushing notifications, etc!
    I wonder whether we will look back fondly on the days of “email overload”? 😉

  2. Thanks James, appreciate the comment. And yes, it’s early days.
    I’d see someone adding 3-4 apps not 12, as many of what I listed were either/or options. For example, you’d have Basecamp (for team workspace, Pillar 1 style things), Skype (for calling), and GoToMeeting (for meetings, etc).