Adoption & Effective Use

It Doesn't Take a Miracle: Driving Successful User Adoption (Sarah Haase, Best Buy) – Share 2012, Atlanta

In the closing keynote for Share 2012, Sarah Haase is presenting on driving successful user adoption. Sarah spoke at Share 2011 in Sydney, talking about Turning the Tide and De-Mystifying ROI for SharePoint.

Key points:
– user adoption is critically important to SharePoint success. How do we get other people passionately interested in SharePoint?
– some marketing products that failed – New Coke, Colgate meals.
– common point – assumed an answer without asking the question. Didn’t ask their customers what they wanted.
– Socialtext white paper: You can’t mandate adoption. It doesn’t work.
– worse user adoption one-liners:
– … SharePoint is great. It’s the users that need help.
– … We work with SharePoint. The kind of user adoption you’re talking about is an urban myth.
– … Just throw SharePoint out there. They’ll jump on board.
– … We have 6 TB of SharePoint. Now that’s adoption!
– … SharePoint is self-evident. We don’t need any training.
– … etc.
User Adoption Strategies: you can’t focused on extolling product features. It won’t change behavior.
– Roger’s innovation adoption curve – innovators, early adopters, early majority, late majority, laggards.
– See Geoffrey Moore’s book, Crossing the Chasm. The chasm makes it very difficult.
– social epidemics can be really helpful – think of it as something that rapidly generates change.
– … Malcolm Gladwell – (a) contagious, (b) they are caused by small, incremental changes, and (c) they bring about a sudden change.
– … we don’t have time to do user adoption slowly. We need to drive it fast.
– At Best Buy:
– … 2007 mission statement with SharePoint – “use technology to automate manual tasks and save money.”
– … started looking around at haw they were using SharePoint 2007. Found a lack of vision (no IA, few features being used, lots of user complaints)
– … developed a strategy – process optimization, information architecture, and community development.
– … the executives brought into this. Sarah became the “Collaboration Manager” at Best Buy – a new role.
– … started slowly – looking for opportunities for improvement. Achieved $500K ROI per year — in process time savings.
– the silver bullets:
– … executive buy-in for controlled release
– … business process focus, “it’s not about the platform”
– … focus on making customers happy.
– Derek Sivers, “When you’re on to something great, it will feel like uncommon good sense.”
– roadmap to success (you may need to iterate through this process):
– … (1) find what is needed – what does success look like in my organization?
– … (2) plant your stake – who you are and what you are going to do.
– … (3) take baseline measurements – you need to know where you started from.
– … (4) define your success criteria – and be specific. Eg., percentages and numbers.
– … (5) find the “right” first project – start from pain, that hits lots of people, repeatability, etc.
– … (6) get moving – initial request, storyboarding (their vision, their pain points, etc.), development in progress, etc.
– user adoption best practices:
– … Find your Yoda. The person at an organization who helps to drive user adoption and champion SharePoint success. Can see opportunities across the organization.
– … SharePoint markets itself – once you deliver your first couple of wins.
– … you don’t need to conquer the world. Just thrill your customers.
– … you can’s stop the train for naysayers. Exclude the people who don’t believe in what you do. Just move on.
– … community is the key. It gives support. Find your first follower – the one person who believes in what you are doing.