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Dan on Executive Buy-In – "Be the Person Who Brings Together the Disparate Parts of the Business"

Over on The Hub Designs Network, Dan recently wrestled with the topic of getting executive buy-in. The article is filled with good pragmatic advice, and this gem leapt off the page:

Constantly be trying to build bridges and relationships between yourself and different parts of the business. Executive buy-in will most likely end up coming from a consensus built from several parts of the organization, not a single overwhelming element of the business case.

So play the part of the person who brings together all the disparate parts of the business, someone who weaves together the anecdotes, war stories and proponents from all of the far flung parts of the company. That person, the gatherer of the business pain points from all over the company, plays a unique role.

That’s lovely advice. It’s what I practice when working with organizations on collaborative initiatives, and Dan has captured it perfectly. Thanks.

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