The Effectiveness of Travel

I’ve just posted on the effectiveness of travel on The Smarter Office blog:

At the end of next week I’m jumping aboard a Boeing 777 jet in New Zealand and heading up to Europe for a week of business from March 12-16. I’ll be in Utrecht on Monday and Tuesday to lead a workshop and speak at Congres Intranet 2012, Belgium on Wednesday for a private workshop on user adoption, and London on Thursday for a public workshop on collaboration. Since I live and work out of New Zealand, clearly it’s a long way to travel. I count travel time in “door-to-door” terms – from leaving the door of my house in New Zealand, to arriving at the door of my destination hotel. For this European trip and the many others I’ve done over recent years, it’s usually 40 hours door-to-door. That’s a long time sitting on a plane and navigating through airports and train stations.

In our highly interconnected world, I guess you could ask me why I do it. Why spend 40 hours of travel time each way for a week of business? The answer—it’s highly effective, and if I don’t show up, the work doesn’t get done.

Read more: The Effectiveness of Travel (and share your perspective on the “why” of travel).

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