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Nicholas Bate – You Need a "System of Organization"

In his series of Strategies for Success, Nicholas writes about the need for a system of organization:

A system of organisation, that’s what. It’s got to give you access to what you need, when you need it. It’s got to allow you to focus on the vital few. It’s got to keep distraction at bay. It’s got to be so simple that it’s a no -brainer to run it. But above all, it’s got to be yours: work the way your mind works, the way your day unfolds and meets your non-work demands. Start today to organise that system. Pinch ideas from colleagues who are good at this kind of stuff, get inspiration from a few books (start with my free pdf: Boost Your Productivity) and refine it over time. It’s the bed-rock of a path to success.

I’ve been using the same approach to a system of organization for four years now. It’s working well.

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