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FileTrek for File Sharing and Tracking

FileTrek announced the release of its new file sharing and tracking service, to support collaboration between people while honoring security and compliance needs:

FileTrek announced today the only combined cloud-based file sharing and tracking solution on the market. FileTrek is designed to allow secure file sharing, project collaboration, and the ability for managers to track content and data with enhanced compliance-friendly audit reporting. The solution is easy to use, transparent to users and can scale across thousands of desktops and mobile devices to maximize individual and workgroup productivity.

FileTrek provides audit trail reporting that gives management and IT visibility of all sharing, syncing and versioning activities of a file or its contents. Automatic audit trails showing file genealogy can be generated to obtain a comprehensive view of actions related to critical data. This is crucial for regulated industries with compliance requirements as well as any enterprise or small business that creates and/or manages controlled content and wants to ensure the security of its company IP.

Available immediately.

The company also announced $10 million of new funding.

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