Windows 8 – It Matters

David from ZDNet argues that Windows 8 matters for real work:

Listen, forget about smartphones and tablets for five minutes, will ya? I want to talk to you about real computers, computers that do actual work, not just play Angry Birds and help you check in when you’re at Starbucks again.

In fact, I want to talk to you about Windows computers.

Windows. You remember Microsoft Windows, right? That’s the operating system, that as of January 2012, is used on 92.03% of all non-phone and non-tablet computers.

Windows is important. Very, very important.

He outlines his reasons for this view as:
– Many people still need a “real” computer, not a smartphone or tablet.
– Tablets are too locked down and constrained for doing “real” work.
– Windows is better than Mac and Linux for “real” work (for various business- and philosophical reasons).
– Many people will upgrade to Windows 8, and Microsoft will earn a lot of money from it.

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