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Hot-Desking – Good or Bad?

Nicholas thinks that hot-desking doesn’t work:

Organisations love hot-desking. It’s what cool and virtual and edgey organisations do. ‘People should be out selling’ snaps the sales director. ‘Avoid stress and work from home’ adds the nice lady in HR. These are good points. But ask anyone who has hot-desked and is hot-desking what it has done to their stress levels and to their ability to sell effectively.

In the end, get data not hearsay.

For me, work is a specific place, and I work best when my work environment is fixed, certain, and under my control. Having the place where I work totally familiar allows it to recede in focal importance, and for the work itself to be the focus.

What’s your experience?

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  1. Very similar experience here, Michael. I have worked in a specific place I was able to call my own for the last 19 years, and am in the process of moving to an organization that is much more “virtual.” I read this post with interest, and am interested in studies and empirical evidence in one way or the other.