Adoption & Effective Use

Speaking at … AusLUG 2012 on IBM Connections and User Adoption

In late March, I’ll be speaking at AusLUG 2012 in Melbourne on user adoption for IBM Connections. AusLUG is a two-day free event in Melbourne, spanning March 29-30. I will be there just for the 29th – flying in early, flying out late – and my session is:

Industry analysts and leading organizations agree: IBM Connections is a fantastic product for Social Business and organizational collaboration. But getting from the promise of great technology to the reality of doing business better demands that intentional energy be invested in user adoption. If it’s not, the risk of failure is high, and the promise of Connections remains just wishful thinking. In this session, Michael Sampson presents key strategies for encouraging user adoption of IBM Connections, reports on a recent global survey of the use and effectiveness of adoption strategies among organizations currently using IBM Connections, and presents a number of case studies of how specific organizations have approached the adoption challenge with IBM Connections in order to deliver improved value to their businesses.

I’m looking forward to it.

See AusLUG 2012 for more information and registration details.