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User Adoption Survey – Winners 3 and 4 (and please take the survey)

I am currently surveying people about the user adoption strategies being used at their organizations. Winners 3 and 4 of the books are:
– Polly from the United Kingdom, with a copy of Collaboration Roadmap (2011).
– Tricia from the United States, with a copy of User Adoption Strategies (2010).

Thanks to both Polly and Tricia for taking the survey … and to everyone else as well.

Final Days for the User Adoption Survey – 2012 Update
In the months leading up to the publication of User Adoption Strategies: Shifting Second Wave People to New Collaboration Technology in 2010, I ran a survey to gauge the use and effectiveness of the various strategies I was profiling in the book. The data was great, and I’ve used it in various presentations around the world since then.

It’s time to ask the question again. How are you approaching user adoption? What strategies are you using? How effective have the strategies been in your organization?

I have re-developed the survey – adding a few new strategies from the book, and using slightly different rating scales – and it’s up and ready for you to contribute your experience.

For those that take the survey and leave their contact details, you go into the drawer to win one of five copies of either Collaboration Roadmap (2011) or User Adoption Strategies (2010). There’s one draw opportunity left – so please submit your survey response today!

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