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Attensa on Reducing Information Overload – Pharma Client

I’ve written about Attensa before on this blog (see search: Attensa), and have a long-standing high regard for its work in reducing information overload, highlighting organizational collaboration opportunities, and more. Last month, Scott from Attensa noted the benefits obtained by one of Attensa’s pharma clients:

One of the world’s top pharmaceutical companies uses Attensa StreamServer in their R&D efforts to aggregate multiple email alerts from various sources into a single, organized Email Digest. Attensa reduced the number of email alerts by a ratio of up to 20:1. The client characterizes the improvement in productivity as a “massive win” for their organization. Information is easier to find and more actionable, saving the firm both time and money.

It would be nice if Attensa had a white paper on this, and a few other specific examples.

With respect to my work, see Collaboration Roadmap (2011) for more on organizational collaboration, and the areas that Attensa plays in supporting and enabling this.

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