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Yvonne Wong's Review of Collaboration Roadmap

In the comments to Martin White’s review of Collaboration Roadmap, Yvonne Wong just posted her feedback:

I just completed reading Michael’s new book ‘Collaboration Roadmap’ and it’s a great book that all professionals (including IT professionals and Mgt) dealing with intranet/collaboration/KM should grab and read it!

We always wonder how nice if the IT folks can understand these other aspects of collaboration (it’s not just about technology as technology is only an enabler) and it would make our jobs easier.

Michael has captured many practical stuff in this book which I have been discussing with others and looking for answers to. This book has moved away from concentrating on Sharepoint capabilities only and covers more aspects of collaboration (beyond technology).

I ordered this book many months in advance (before the book was published) and have no regrets in waiting for it.

Thank you Michael for the great collaboration book! 🙂

Very cool – thanks Yvonne!