Notes on BP304 The Way of the Social Dragon

Carlos Casas and Kathy Mandelstein are talking about building a social community in your organization.

My notes on the session:
– want to focus on cultural change, more than introducing a social pilot
– why do social projects fail? Just because you build it they won’t come, embedded habits, etc.
– social dragon – clear insight and vision about what needs to happen.
– social media – not about yelling at a community about what you want to sell.
– IDC – some customers are experiencing value around time savings.
– The role needs to be embedded in the business, not a business function.
– Social is about people, not technology.
– Mobile is a very big driver of the new way of doing things.

– Some tools:
– … Connections
– … Connections Files and Profiles – an entitlement for all Notes/Domino customers. These are the most popular capabilities from Connections.
– … Sametime Entry is also an entitlement.
– … The technology is available – go for it.

– From inbox to Sametime – speed decision making, reduce travel and communications costs, accelerate business processes.

– Ten strategies:
– 1. Launch the community (what’s the purpose)
– 2. Create a culture of belonging. Encouraging people to connect. Inviting participation.
– 3. Setting shared business objectives. Teams need a purpose.
– 4. Manage the scope of a community. Eg, be aware of overlap between communities.
– 5. Appoint a community manager.
– 6. Transform time and space. The new normal is working with people distributed around the world.
– 7. Leverage the wisdom of the crowd – eg, finding expertise.
– 8. Recognize and reward participation. Eg, see ISW’s new Kudos Badges for IBM Connections
– 9. Identify dragon apprentices and let them lead. Eg, seek frequent contributors
– 10. Sustain the momentum over the long haul

– Various savings in communities at IBM – reduced travel, less phone mail, more e-meetings
– other case studies too.

– For my take on adoption and a strategy-led approach, see User Adoption Strategies and Collaboration Roadmap.

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