Conference Notes

Lotusphere 2012 – Opening General Session

Alistair Rennie, General Manager
– last year IBM introduced social business. Let’s review what we’ve done in the past year, and what’s coming up.

Michael J Fox, “don’t play the result”
– guest speaker for today.
– “don’t play the result – act in the moment.” If you are about to get hit in the face with a pie, don’t act like you know what’s coming next.
– when Michael was told at 29 that he had Parkinson’s disease, he didn’t want to accept it. After announcing it though, he found that he was part of a wider community.
– various Internet tools and services are linking people with PD to resources to help them.

Review of the Past 12 Months
– Last year talked about engagement, nimbleness, and transparency.
– The hype around “social” is high. We need to peel away the hype from the reality.
– Social – “the application of social tools and culture to business processes and activities.”
– It’s not a new idea. But the platforms are new – emerging to support interactions. The interactions persist, and can be delivered in real-time to the people needing the information.
– Collective intelligence – discover and share new ideas, augment skills and distribute workload, and improve forecasting effectiveness.
– We can apply this to lots of different scenarios – executive communication and cultural transformation, improved customer care, real time market segmentation, etc.
– Key argument – collective intelligence is a competitive differentator.
– Social business is not limited to the deployment of new tools. It’s the application of these tools to roles, processes, and outcomes that make it work.
– But – social is about re-formatting the world and the way we work. It will impact the way that businesses work. Provides a way of re-thinking talent, markets, success, etc.
– The technology does matter – but it’s not the only thing that matters.
– … When thinking about transformation, you stop thinking about individual tools – and a platform instead.
– … Coherent internal and external platforms.
– Great tools like email and mobile devices have been abused. They need a make-over.
– Social business – social networking, content in motion (social content systems), and an insight-driven culture (analytics around processes, sentiment, the market, etc). All of this needs to be connected to the underlying information platform.

– But technology is not all that matters – leadership, change management
– … social business is not an IT project, or a management edict.
– … Needs new roles – eg., community management (adoption and finding new ways of working).
– … We also need new ways of working between IT and business. There needs to be new partnering. More focus on adoption, not deployment.
– … Key takeaway – seek out your business leaders and work with them. Don’t wait to be asked.

Demo of IBM Connections Next
– The Activity Stream is the foundation of a new way of working together. Project updates show in the activity stream, service orders from SAP, recent document updates.
– Email is also integrated into the home page, along with calendar entries. Works with Domino and Exchange.
– … The new mail integration works with both Domino and Exchange.
– There is a “share” button across multiple apps – for internal and external postings.
– Can edit a document inline from Connections – using the new IBM Docs.
– … can assign sections of the document to people in the team. An assignment will show in that person’s activity stream.
– Within communities, there is a shared activity stream.
– … Community Metrics – for community owners – better understanding about what’s going on.
– … Real-time group video – via partner Polycom.
– … An ECM library can be shown within Connections. Links to back-end ECM systems.
– … Related communities – can link a current community with other relevant ones.
– … Can bring in external content. Eg., from Facebook, “Discuss This” brings the content into a Connections Community.
– Mobile support – eg, a demo of Connections on an Android device.
– The activity stream is based on OpenSocial, so you can bring in data from other systems.
– Key lesson – there are many opportunities. Work to see what’s possible for your business.

IBM Docs
– Social content managemnt
– Was previously IBM Symphony.
– “SharePoint is today’s document coffin.”

Mobile Support
– Works with iPad, Android, and BlackBerry.
– Sharing of business card via a QRcode.
– Links with Polycom for video integration, and Plantronics for headset support.
– Everything showed today is available now.
– Adding support for Windows Phone – eg., HTC and Nokia.
– Organizations can do a partial wipe of data – for enterprise BYOD programs.

Bayer MaterialScience
– Kurt De Ruwe, CIO
– Global organization, revenue of $35 billion, 110,000 employees.
– One division – Bayer MaterialScience
– … innovation is very important – eg., lightweight materials
– … Three years ago – started a pilot with Connections – as out-of-the-box.
– … No training. Grew to a few thousand people.
– For the wider Bayer, selected Connections over NewsGator and other tools. Will support 125,000 employees and external partners.
– Social business – is starting to change the culture. Is helping with finding people for projects.
– Need a simple and intuitive platform – like Connections – but also need cultural change too.

Larry Bowden, Customer Experience Suite
– The web has become the face of your company to the customer.
– To win – need to deliver seamlessly integrated support across multiple channels.
– Demo by Brian:
– Demo of content management for the Web, on iPad. As a Web property owner, can see current pages along with running campaigns. Can also see what Legal said, along with when the content is due to expire.
– … for a Web interface, can show customer comments, surveys (with inline editing), etc.
– … analytics – can track page views and sentiment while looking at the page.
– … creating communities for customers – activity streams, blogs, members, and forums – among others. Enables an organization to capture and collate data for customer insight, product ideas, etc. for developing better products.

Sandy Carter, VP, Worldwide Sales and Customer Engagement
– Customers are experiencing exceptional results with IBM’s solutions.
– Lufthanza, a bank in Canada
– adding social into a customer service process, client satisfaction can increase by 18%.
– need good support for mobile devices. 68% of people access social networks on mobile devices.
– in WebSphere Portal Next – will enhance with data sharing, people directory, and more. Wanting it to become a social portal.
– IBM – it’s available here and now. Go with a social business agenda workshop – eg., design for an audience not a technology.
– Key takeaway – social yields a strong measurable ROI, you must do social and mobile, and get going today.

Customer Case Study – Premier Healthcase Alliance
– CTO, Denise Hatzidakis
– Aiming to help members make the right decisions.
– Helping members embracing the “new normal.” Connecting people, connecting data, and creating actionable information.
– Want to help doctors see a wider picture of the patient.
– Overall – improving healthcare while managing costs.

Kevin Cavanaugh and Doug Cox
– Notes Next, called “Social Edition” (coming later in 2012)
– New home page – activities from Connections, along with mail and calendar items.
– In-context content and interaction – can interact with people from the mail item.
– In Domino Designer, adding a social toolbox for adding social content to applications.
– In iNotes, have the same access as within the Notes client. DocLinks will work in iNotes – turns the browser into a lightweight Notes client via a plug-in. It even gives the right-click options.
– All Notes users are entitled to Connections Profiles and Files.
– For transforming Notes Applications to XPages, see the GBS transformation application.

Mike Rhodin
– the “new normal” is working across boundaries, using mobile devices, etc.
– cloud technology provides an opportunity for reinventing business, unlocking value, speeding time to value, etc.
– IBM SmartCloud – a number of exceptional customer stories.
– LotusLive is going to SmartCloud as SmartCloud for Social Business
– Using the cloud means that business gets done better, it’s easier to go into new geographies, new mobile device types are supported, and IT can do other things.

– customer case study – a service provider for banks in Germany. Big issues – the rise of consumer technology, cost pressures, and more.
– … helping banks become a social business.
– … better mobility for bankers. Can work anywhere.
– … private banking cloud, with browser-based delivery.

Kristen Lauria, VP Marketing and Channels
– SmartCloud for Social Business, previously LotusLive, is becoming a pillar of social business.
– The opportunity to stand out is now.

Final Guest Speaker – Dr Jeffrey Burns, Children’s Hospital Boston
– Convinced that medicine can’t move forward without better scaling of knowledge.
– The current paradigm to medicine has been in place for over 100 years. It doesn’t scale – and so children are not being saved.
– Adult learning cycle – active learning. See the expert, watch what the expert does, now try it, and then discuss in a social network.
– In collaboration with IBM, developed a way of training doctors to learn across boundaries. It provides information on demand (reliable information for caring for critically ill children), video conferencing, and learning paths.

– Use the week to figure out what you’re going to do
– Lotusphere 2013, January 27-31.