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Promethean ActivTable

Promethean announced the ActivTable, a large touch driven table for educational applications.

The ActivTable is aimed towards primary school and special educational needs learners. At 46 inches, the screen provides one of the largest interactive surface areas on the market and allows up to six students to use it at any one time, with ample room for them to work together. The interactive nature of the ActivTable encourages inclusion and collaborative skills such as problem solving, group work, critical thinking and consensus decision making.

With web browser capabilities, individual tool libraries and support for numerous applications and activities, the ActivTable is simple to set up and intuitive to use. Teachers can also create tailor made activities in order to meet core curriculum learning objectives. The ActivTable integrates easily with Promethean and third party resources, content and solutions, including interactive whiteboards.

There should be non-educational applications too.

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