Podcast on Collaboration Strategy – with Bruce Elgort and Julian Robichaux

Yesterday I spoke with Bruce Elgort and Julian Robichaux for Episode 146 of the Taking Notes podcast:

On this episode we spoke with Michael Sampson about his new book “Collaboration Roadmap – You’ve got the technology now what?” We talked about:
– Why do companies need to develop a collaboration strategy
– Are there any special “tricks” to making collaboration happen?
– ROADMAP and what it means
– Does the book apply to any specific technology/product?
– Are there differences in the way groups and teams need to collaborate?
– Is there one platform that can “do it all”?
– Are successful collaboration efforts based on grass root efforts?
– Michael’s take on “Social Business”
– What’s the future of collaboration
– What role does video conferencing play with collaboration
– What has made collaboration a topic of late
– What do you get when you buy Michael’s book
– Michael attending Lotusphere 2012
– and much more…

Bruce has just posted the podcast. Listen to the podcast (feedback/comments/questions welcome).

(And thanks to Bruce and Julian – I enjoyed our conversation a lot.)

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